Own a Piece of The U.S.A.!

The United States leads the world in safe, affordable real estate, and is proven to be one of the best investments around the world.  But trying to understand the laws, state differences and climate and geological differences can be very confusing to a foreign national customer.  Florida is the #1 state where international buyers invest their money, primarily because of the beaches, low tax rates and wonderful climate.

The greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida area is easily accessed from Canada, Europe, and the Americas, and most destinations can be reached by air service with only 1 connecting flight or less.  We are 2.5 driving hours from Orlando, 6 hours from Atlanta, Charlotte and Miami, and 4 hours from Tampa.  We are the most convenient location in all of the Southeast United States.

Need Assistance with Currency Transfers?  Moneycorp, one of the world's largest currency trading and transfer companies, will be a great partner for you when you need to move money into the United States for purchasing property.  Use this helpful tool below to determine the current exchange rate and to contact Moneycorp directly to discuss your particular needs.


Whether you need assistance in locating real estate, finding a translator, attorneys, tax professionals or any of the many unique needs that global buyers have, calling Missi first will make that transition easier.

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